Dock Shelters & Seals

Maintaining a consistent temperature within the warehouse environment has always been a challenge. Many companies require their storage facilities to be a particular temperature because of the products they transport and store, whilst others simply want to maintain an ambient atmosphere to conserve energy, thereby minimising costs on heating or cooling systems.

Whatever your reason for keeping a steady temperature, we have the solution for you.

Seal & shelter protection

Our range of loading bay seals and shelters are the perfect answer to fluctuating temperatures:

Collapsible dock shelter – our collapsible dock shelter protects both people and goods from the elements which results in a considerable energy saving. If hit, it will collapse back against the building protecting the shelter and the vehicle which hits it.

Dock pad seal – this is a simple, low-cost, yet effective solution to sealing the gap between the delivery vehicle and the building.

Inflatable dock seal – this seal remains deflated until the delivery vehicle is in place, minimising vehicle and seal damage, making it very hard wearing.

Dock shelter curtains & aprons – where a loading dock does not exist, and there is only a warehouse door, these dock shelters and aprons minimise heat loss or gain.

PVC strip curtains – these strip curtains act as a flexible barrier to retain heat whilst still leaving doorways open and available during busy periods.

If you are unsure which seal or shelter is best suited to your warehouse and your business needs, call us on xxxx xxx xxx or click here to contact us, and we will provide expert advice on the right solution for you.

Maintain your dock seals and shelters to ensure longevity and effectiveness.