Finding the right loading and unloading solution for your business can often be difficult. If your warehouse does not conform to a standard shape and size; you have access restrictions to your facility; or you are loading, unloading and storing items which are oversized, a pre-designed, off-the-shelf solution may not work. We know that many companies are facing these problems on a daily basis, and understand the frustration of not being able to find the right loading scheme – which can result in both wasted man hours and money, not to mention compromising safety.

Here at Loading Bay Service, we do not only provide a comprehensive range of high quality standard loading and unloading products, but we also offer a bespoke design service.

Made for you and your business

Our knowledgeable team will talk to you in detail about your specific business needs and any environmental challenges you face, as well as conducting a site survey to ensure they provide you with the most effective loading solution. We then create a bespoke loading and unloading scheme which fits perfectly with your business and your working environment.

Making the most of modular

Our modular loading schemes are a popular way of creating a bespoke loading solution. The combination of loading ramp, loading platform and dock leveller can be used in many configurations, helping us to create a loading scheme which is just right for you.

Ramping up the benefits

As well as creating bespoke Modular Loading Schemes, we can also create loading ramps to your specific specifications. Whether you require a shorter than standard loading ramp to fit within your warehouse, or a wider than normal loading ramp to accommodate abnormal loads, Loading Bay Service can deliver.

For further information about our bespoke service, or to talk to us in more detail about your needs, call us on 01902 846193 for free, no obligation advice and a quote.

Your bespoke loading and unloading solution may require specific repair, maintenance and servicing. Visit our service and maintenance page to ensure you are getting the most out of your bespoke loading solution.