Award-winning UK carpet manufacturer, Cormar Carpets, has announced that it has made significant improvements to its Bury-based mill, as the British carpet industry success story has upgraded its loading bay facility using specialist apparatus.

“At Cormar, our primary aim is to manufacture high-quality carpets and provide a first-class service to all our customers. Part of that service revolves around the effective and safe despatch of our products,” explains Mike Wykes, FLT Training Officer at Cormar Carpets.

“To fulfil this requirement to the best of our ability, we need access to specialist loading equipment that’s been specifically designed to enable operatives to perform their loading tasks effectively, prevent stock from becoming damaged, and enable employees to stay safe at all times.

“A recent decision to change our loading process, and expand apparatus provision to include a docking system featuring two ramps, led us to readdress the design of our existing loading bay, and make some enabling alterations.”

Plans for Cormar’s refurbished loading bay has involved the installation of two platforms with a Bimagrip anti-slip surface, access steps with side platforms and two bespoke, short type 10 access ramps, each with expanded metal decking and 1000mm high handrails. The equipment has an impressive 6,000kg capacity and has been specifically designed to improve access within Cormar’s loading facility.

“With this latest loading bay installation for Cormar, we purposely designed the loading ramps to be one metre shorter. This bespoke design has helped to create additional space enabling easy vehicle access onto the ramps and allowing for greater manoeuvrability,”

“Cormar Carpets’ business has evolved considerably, and now, the firm’s loading apparatus has advanced alongside it. We hope the new bespoke design and improved capability of the equipment will serve to better accommodate the changing logistics of this impressively adaptable British firm.”