RSR, the turnkey solution contractor renowned for its ability to deliver design, build and maintenance capabilities to clients across the country, has facilitated the installation of 22 loading ramps within depots operated by one of the world’s most successful internet retailers.

The project, which has seen the assembly of bespoke equipment throughout warehouses across the country, has been managed by RSR to create solutions capable of improving their clients loading function, safely and efficiently.

“This sizeable scheme required a programme of careful research and choice equipment selection to ensure the best solutions were installed across multiple warehouse sites,” explains RSR Director, Russell Dixon.

“We take our commitment to delivering the best and most appropriate solutions to clients most seriously. The project’s primary action was to determine between installations of permanent concrete loading ramps, or an alternative steel ramp solution.

“We needed to source improved ramp equipment that could better facilitate the manual movement and loading of goods using roll-cages from our client’s warehouses to waiting vans, without staff having to utilise their nearest level access door,” Russell continues.

“We investigated the merits of each option thoroughly, and through a recommendation made by our consultant architects, DLA Architects Practice, considered the steel ramp solutions”

A ramp design, 20.5m long and 3.2m wide, was specified to provide outdoor access from existing loading docks, down to the individual facilities’ ground levels.

The equipment was designed to improve efficiency and safety, enabling roll cage access through the addition of solid treadplate flooring, fitted with a Bimagrip Antislip surface.

The ramps were specified with handrails fitted to both sides to further heighten safety, and were designed to reduce the distance walked by operatives to load vans; saving time and furthering efficiency.

David Harvey, Associate Technical Manager at DLA Architects, based in Milton Keynes, says; “Using a highly-experienced UK-based loading bay designer, with the capacity to manufacture bespoke equipment, designed to comply with all safety regulations is, in our opinion, essential.

“The need for knowledge and expertise in designing and constructing loading bay facilities that are ergonomically logical and operator-friendly is also a tremendous advantage. I feel the solution offered scores in relation to all these credentials and wish RSR’s client every success in increasing efficiencies and heightening loading apparatus safety.”