Advanced logistics operator, Arcese, has chosen a tailor made loading bay solution for its new facility in Daventry.

The Arcese Group, one of the leading private logistics operators in Europe, runs hubs throughout the UK and has recently expanded its operation with the acquisition of its new depot. The sizeable new premises, with its impressive specification of both yard and office space, was considered an ideal hub for Arcese, being in close proximity to three of its major clients. However the building, in its existing form, lacked a suitable loading ramp facility.

Keen to address the situation at speed Keith Luetchford, Director at Arcese, was integral to the decision-making process that would guarantee the installation of high quality loading bay equipment, expertly designed for the most effective performance. Keith wanted to make use of the premise’s existing external canopies, but preferred to avoid the cost of installing a permanent solution within a leased building. He was also looking for high quality and precise size specifications, as he goes on to explain:

“We knew we needed a loading bay of considerable quality, as any equipment installed would be in continuous use, facilitating extremely heavy loads for up to 18 hours a day. Precise size was also a key factor, as our requirements were for a loading system designed to fit within the existing external canopies. This, we understood, would necessitate a bespoke construction.

The nature of Arcese’s business and the design of its building meant that any bespoke loading equipment needed to be semi-permanent to deliver the best overall solution. Planning permission was not necessary for the installation of this equipment, so Keith and the team agreed that ‘the right semi-permanent solution’ would enable Arcese’s new operation to be up and running in a relatively short time-frame.

Furthermore, by choosing a modular solution, there was the flexibility to dismantle and relocate the equipment at the end of the building’s eight year lease, if necessary.

Keith gave the green light to proceed with manufacture; creating finished apparatus that features three dock levellers with a double width ramp for use on one side of Arcese’s premises, and a single dock leveller and single ramp for use on the other. With operator welfare a priority, the equipment also accommodates rear loading, considered safer than side loading, and features anti-slip surfaces for additional safety.

“We’ve been truly impressed with the design and quality of the loading solution. The entire approach, from design to implementation has been smooth, considerate, and professional,” concludes Keith.